“If you are looking for an organization that puts your interests first, please call Adam at AIG. Adam was the only bank representative that i came in contact with that was knowledgeable on a myriad of different products. Every other organization and officer I met knew next to nothing in comparison. They made you jump through hoops, alone with no help, just to give you an outrageous rate and below par customer service. The team at AIG is second to none in my opinion. You will be satisfied, as I was and I will be back in the future.”
Lawrence Rebbecchi
VMD Philadelphia Animal Hospital and Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas

“The service and personal attention we received from AIG LLC was exceptional and beyond what we were expecting! Adam’s knowledge of the local and national markets and commitment to finding us the best rate really paid off for us in the long run . As a long time developer I was happy to see the process move smoothly start to finish.  I’m glad we chose their services and would recommend AIG LLC to anyone with financing needs.” 
Nicholas Heras
Hera Development Group

“Thank you for all your efforts and long late hours spent in helping us achieve successful funding for the refinance of my land project in Maui . Seeking commercial financing during the financial crisis is no easy feat. We found the local lenders were unable to offer reasonable financing given their weakened position. While the entire loan process was challenging to say the least, I feel your dedication and active process management made the difference in pushing the lender along to fast track the underwriting process.  With your help i was able to get both SMA and CPR approval. I recommend anyone seeking commercial financing should enlist your experience and guidance.”
Dennis Blain
No’kaoi Development

“Adam is one of our top referral sources here at ReadyCap Lending. He is constantly racing 100 mph to help his clients secure the best possible financing available. He has his finger on the pulse of the capital markets and is well equipped to fund several types of loan products including the SBA 7(a) Loan which is what I specialize in. I’ve been working with Adam for several years and consider him a friend now. We’ve worked on a lot of projects together and he always has a great attitude. Adam provides what small business owners and investors need – for someone to get it done and get it done fast.”
Ray Drew
VP ReadyCap Lending SBA 7A

“When we approached Adam and AIG we were very skeptical of the loan process as a whole.  Having a true niche property such as a horse farm made our financing situation truly unique and difficult.  Adam was able to locate a specific agricultural lender who not only had expertise in this space but was also located near our current operation which helped tremendously from a logistics standpoint.  They were able to over look our old credit history and approve us for a loan that has allowed our business to  thrive.  If you have a complicated loan, and the banks are saying no, Adam is the one to call.”
Shelby Ray
Property Owner